Rugby World Cup

Join us to watch the Rugby World Cup live at Peacock Farm! We’ll be serving up our delicious Draymans Breakfasts for you to enjoy as you watch the game.

So why not have a look at all the match fixtures we’ll be showing?

Draymans Breakfasts

If you’re planning on having breakfast whilst watching the game, then book your spot today!

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Upcoming Events

20th September 2019

Japan V Russia

Fri 11:45 UTC+01

21st September 2019

New Zealand V South Africa

Sat 10:45 UTC+01

22nd September 2019

Ireland V Scotland

Sun 08:45 UTC+01

23rd September 2019

Wales V Georgia

Mon 11:15 UTC+01

24th September 2019

Russia V Samoa

Tue 11:15 UTC+01

26th September 2019

England V USA

Thu 11:45 UTC+01

28th September 2019

Japan V Ireland

Sat 08:15 UTC+01

29th September 2019

Australia V Wales

Sun 08:45 UTC+01

30th September 2019

Scotland V Samoa

Mon 11:15 UTC+01

2nd October 2019

France V USA

Wed 08:45 UTC+01

3rd October 2019

Ireland V Russia

Thu 11:15 UTC+01

4th October 2019

South Africa V Italy

Fri 10:45 UTC+01

5th October 2019

England V Argentina

Sat 09:00 UTC+01

6th October 2019

France V Tonga

Sun 08:45 UTC+01

8th October 2019

South Africa V Canada

Tue 11:15 UTC+01

9th October 2019

Wales V Fiji

Wed 10:45 UTC+01

11th October 2019

Australia V Georgia

Fri 11:15 UTC+01

12th October 2019

Ireland V Samoa

Sat 11:45 UTC+01

13th October 2019

Japan V Scotland

Sun 11:45 UTC+01

19th October 2019

TBC - Quater Final 1 - Winner Pool C V Runner Up Pool D

Sat 08:15 UTC+01

20th October 2019

Quater Final 3 - Winner Pool D V Runner Up Pool C

Sun 08:15 UTC+01

26th October 2019

Semi Final 1 - Winner QF1 V Winner QF2

Sat 09:00 UTC+01

27th October 2019

Semi final 2 - Winner QF 3 V Winner QF 4

Sun 09:00 UTC+01

1st November 2019

Bronze Medal Game - SF 1 Loser V SF 2 Lose

Fri 15:00 UTC+01

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